Friday, December 25, 2009

Last days before Christmas...

"Christmas Train" by James Myers. Printer Paper, Markers.

Last days before Christmas in our house consisted of one big Chaos.

My new computer broke, my not so new car broke, our bank had some glitch, so my account looked scary and neighbor's van got stuck on our driveway, so nobody can get in and out. How about that ?!..

So... not much painting was going on. All I did some sketches on Canson (just to get rid of that paper). I adore brave people that can work with pastels on Canson. I'm not a one of them. All my sketches are intended for the trash, but I took a picture of it anyway...

And lastly and most impotently, Jim also participated in drawing and came up with this one you can see on very top of my post. It was glued with some Scotch tape to the gun box. Yes, sure, I got one more gun for my endless collection. This time - with my husbands art on it.

Ladies, you are welcome to get envious! 

Canoson, mixed pastels. "Portrait".

Canson, mixed Pastels. "Kitty"

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