Monday, November 9, 2009

"Autumn Road". One more egg tempera miniature, WIP.

2.5 X 3.5". Illustration board, 

Ink, egg tempera, watercolor.

I just finished one more tempera painting. Like usually I have a feeling that need to work about another week to have it done, but.. probably I don't have to. This time I have few WIP pictures, that could make it somewhat more interesting. 

Here we go!

Line drawing.

Values in Ink.

Values in Titanium White.

Finished painting.


  1. Tatiana, I can't wait to see this in person. Bring it with you the next time we paint together which should be Thursday? I took the same photo. It must be that artist's "eye".

  2. I hope I can make it, Pat, but don't know yet, if it will work out this week.. You know - family business. But you are right - it is better in person. I had a hard time to photograph this one and finally just gave up and left it along.

  3. this came out very nice. Good job.

  4. Thank You, Gary! We had a very wet October here and trees didn't turn till almost very end of month...Nothing to paint, really... Finally one day we got a right weather and went to the right place... I got a truck load of good photographs, enough to keep me busy for a while. This is a painting from one of that group of photos.

  5. Hi Tatiana, This is a really nice egg tempera. Love the bold colors. Thanks for sharing the photos showing your value steps. Egg tempera is one of the things I want to try but haven't had the chance.

  6. Thank You, Barbara! Tempera is not so hard, nor scary, how people think sometimes. I personally love it. If you love this landscape, go visit Wet Canvas landscape forum and check out November challenge thread. I have this very reference picture what I used for this tempera posted for other artist to work with.



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