Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pansies, small scale. Oil pastel.

Pansies. 4 X 6". 

Ampersand Museum Series Pastel Board

Holbein and Sennelier Oil Pastel.

This small painting I painted for two reasons. First I was asked not long time ago, can I do something small in Oil Pastel with preserving all details. Secondly, I'm currently preparing some works for local Small Paintings group show, so I want to have few new paintings done, what will sort of stand out... Miniature in oil pastel is pretty unusual combination, so i went for it. I wouldn't call this painting real "miniature " for the reason: most of the time it is not only size of painting, but scale of painting 1:6. This one is questionable, if we will come to the scale part. However it is definitely small art work, one of the smallest OPs I ever done and I like it. Let see what others have to say.

Oh, yes, forgot to mention the fact: it is a smaller version of bigger painting I did earlier from the same reference. Different format too. 


  1. You surely succeeded in preserving your detail. And, I am sure that is difficult with oil pastel. Great painting. Can't wait to see it.

  2. Thank You, Pat, I can do better then that, but you know me - it would take forever! :-))) And this is why I gave myself 3 day dead-line. No more. Oil pastel is not so hard to work with, if you have a right approach and a right tools. You need to visit our Society web site. Some really amazing paintings are there! I have a way to go before I will paint like that.

  3. This is a lovely painting, Tatiana. Good luck with the show.

  4. Thank You, Pat! I'm pretty exited about this opportunity! I love local shows for the reason you can meet people in person and see what other artists prepared too.. When you sending something out, big part of the process you will never see.
    Sooo...two more weeks!



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