Friday, November 6, 2009

Bates Farm, Plein Air.

Early November. 

11 x 14"  Plein Air. Soft Pastel, pencils, La Carte.

This Wednesday we went to another local farm for Plain Air session. What a day! At first we got lost in a swamp for a while and had some very productive painting session (of course I had to find out that forgot to check memory card in my camera, so all pictures were taking with my phone.. oops!.. ) Then we went to see two local galleries (One more nice surprise, thank You , Pat for taking us there!) And finished at some sort of eating place, not so much eating but talking about more of paintings... After all I managed to finish my painting I started on the farm. Here it is, but better next time I check not just batteries, but WHOLE my equipment. We lost a lot of good shots there...


  1. Tatiana, what a nice painting you got. I, too, didn't have a camera for a reference photo in the studio. I don't think you will see mine posted, though. It was a fun day!

  2. It was a GREAT day, but next time we all should do better with our photos... I have done it so many times - or batteries are out, of memory card isn't here... didn't learn anything! :-( Good to know, I'm not an only one with this sort of problems! :-))



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