Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Clematis. Oil pastel WIP.

I finished my first layer of OP. I always starting in with OP sticks and silicon shapers, so far I don't have all grown covered. Sometimes I go right away with second layer - same method - sticks and shapers. 

After I'm done with that, I'm switching to solvent and brushes and here it becomes more oil painting, then anything else.. This is a more delicate stage and takes longer time, because often I have to wait till solvent will almost dry, before I can continue.

This is exactly a part what I'm up to with this work right now- brush and solvent. Not finished yet, but getting there.


  1. Really nice to see how this is developing. Neat.

  2. Thank you, Pat! I'm really enjoying working with this painting. I wanted to do with it less and ended with doing more. Oh, well!.. I love the process!

  3. This is a lovely painting, Tatiana. Great composition and color. Look forward to the finish.

  4. Thank You, Pat! I took this reference earlier this spring, when we were wandering with camera around flower places... like Home Depo etc... I wanted to do bigger painting our of this one, and probably will do so. But right now we have a small work show coming up, so I went for smaller size. I should be finishing my Koi Pond instead, but here I am! :-)



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