Monday, November 16, 2009

Clematis Oil Pastel. WIP.

"Blue Clematis" WIP.

Museum Series Ampersand Pastel Board. 4 x 6 "

Gouache underpainting.

I'm working on a twin-painting to little Oil Pastel "Pansies" I just finished last week. Second painting will be a Blue Clematis. Same size, same frame. I think they will look very nice together side-by-side with my first one. 

Often I do underpainting for OPs in oil pencils. This is what I did for pansies. Clematis, however, will have a gouache underpainting (Caran-D-Ache and Art Spectrum). Picture what you see here is underpainting ONLY, before I started with actual Oil Pastel.

I think when it will be finished, it will be very beautiful. 


  1. This looks nice the way it is. I'll be looking forward to see what it looks like after the OP.

  2. "After" it will look better. Trust me on this one. :-)
    I'm finished with first layer of OPs, now it will be time for some more intricate stuff. I'm pretty sure I'll be done with it today.



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