Friday, November 27, 2009

MASF 35-th International Miniature Art Show 2010.

I just got an acceptance letter from MASF stating that 3 of my miniature pastels were accepted for upcoming International Juried miniature art show that will run from January 17 to February at Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art. 7. Getting into MASF 2010 was my target goal for this year and... Woo-Hoo!....

Below: my entries to 2010 exhibition:

"Foggy Evening", 4 x 6", Pastel on Wallis.

"Somewhere in Florida", 4 x 6", Pastel on Board.

Blooming Fields, 4 x 6", Pastel on Board.


  1. Way to go,Tatiana!! Congratulations on your three fine works getting in! I'm so happy for you. I think my favorite of them is the first one, "Foggy Evening". Nice colors, it has a calmness to it. It reminds me of the area where I used to live on the Central Coast of CA. I miss it!

  2. Thank You, Barbara! You and my other friends from WC are the big part of why I entered at MASF. :-)
    Painting what You like the best was actually the last one I did in this group of pastel painting and reference for it was taking by my camera phone... I didn't expect such a beautiful evening and didn't have my regular camera along with me, but once again - thank you to my cell phone I got a good reference shot, so I could paint it later...

    I can not tell you, how happy I am now. Thank You again for all your help and support!

  3. Congratulations, Tatiana, what an honor. Your paintings are beautiful. All three are true gems.

  4. Thank You, Pat! Could you imagine, MASF show was a first show ever I had the brilliancy to enter my paintings at ?... Then, of course was York. Just to try it out and see what will happen... Well, now when I know the rules, have to try to do even better. That's all.

  5. Tatiana-
    Congrats Tatiana into the MASF Show! Miniatures are a joy!!

    You might want to check out the Miniatureart Group in Yahoo. There are 175 members into the Miniatureart Group. Lots of info and good posts and other interesting things in the forum. Barbara Freeman is one of the members in there. Check it out if you want. Meanwhile, lets paint!!
    Jim Smith
    Owner ---

  6. Thank You, James! I'm going to check it out with yahoo. :-) This very Barbara is a reason, why I started all this commotion with Miniatures! Thank You, Barbara!). And I love it. This is my first show season and so far I had my works entered and accepted into 4 different shows, 3 out 4 are juried... I think it is a great for beginning, but also I know that next year I'll try harder!You are absolutely right - it is joy... and fun too!

  7. Congrats Tatiana, i like all 3 paintings -enjoyed visiting your blog -nice work.

  8. Thank You, Priti! I wish I would be there to see whole show... Everybody says it is sight to see!



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