Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Cove Creek" in Oil. Finished.

"Lights and Reflections" by Tatiana Myers
11 x 14". Oil on Masonite.

This is a finished look of my work. I wish I would know from beginning how to handle this support, I would have done it better. But I know it now, so it is all right. It does have a lot of light and it is a best part I like about this painting and my reference photo too.

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  1. Tatiana, this is pretty...A blogger friend of mine always says "green loves orange" and she's right. I agree with you that oil on masonite can be tricky. But have you ever tried oil on ivorine (polymin) or dura lar film? Those are even less absorbent, and I think the finished translucent look is amazing, but so hard to master. My current favorite support is clayboard. It's absorbent, but has the glass like smooth texture so you can be very detailed.

  2. Thank You, Deb!
    No, I didn't try ivorine yet, however I'm going to try someday. I do have some duralar and tried egg tempera and watercolor on it, but didn't try with oil... I know what you mean, yes those are tricky ones.
    Clayboard, however sounds like good idea. I have some of my Oil Pastels done on clayboard. Still, I like it with Colourfix primer the best for OPs.. Going to try it with oil sometime soon too. Thank You for your hint!



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