Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Peonies" Oil Pastel WIP. Update #3.

"Peonies" by Tatiana Myers. Oil Pastel WIP.

Next update. This photo was taken with low light, so some colors etc are missing... what is fine with me, it is not a final version.

So far I finished my main layer of OPs and next step will be fine tuning.
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  1. Love that shot of dark pink at the heart of the Camellia, Tatiana. It is perfect and really makes me think on hearts and flowers in a couple of different ways. Maybe not your intent, but it is what sparked when looking at this WIP. Any piece that makes me think or pulls at the emotions is a true success. I think you are just about there already!

  2. This is really lovely, beautiful piece!!

  3. Thank You, Autumn and Mary Anne.
    I'm going to take my time and finish it... Then I will post one more final update.

  4. WOW! Tatiana you are doing some simply wonderful art. You are really mastering the Oil pastels.
    Good going.

  5. Hi Tatiana, I haven't had a chance to watch your wip, but had to have a look at this. Beautiful work! Very nice subtle shifts in color!

  6. Thank You, Barbara!
    I finished it this evening, need to let it dry ( I slightly overworked it with solvent ). Then I can take a final photo and frame.



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