Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Water Lily" Oil Pastel. WIP. Update #2.

"Water Lily" by Tatiana Myers.
Oil Pastel.16 x 20" Masonite.

I'm mostly finished with petals and starting cover my background. Partially I'm using Neocolor-II Wax Pastel form Caran D'Ache for my underpainting on this stage... Fast and easy.
At the same time I'm trying (once again!) to figure out my framing option none of such I like. Oh, well, will find something what will work, I still have time. After all I don't have this size of glass either.
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  1. This is coming along beautifully, Tatiana! I can't wait to see it in all its glory when you finish. I just know that camellia is going to jump from the page!

  2. this is starting out very nice Tatiana. I tried oil pastels and thought them to be pretty difficult. You seem to have mastered their use pretty nicely.

  3. Thank You, Autumn!
    Thank You, Gary!

    I better go paint some more. :-)

  4. Tatiana, I want to tell you that I have nominated you for an award - please stop by my blogspot and pick it up!!!



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