Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Water Lily" Oil Pastel WIP. Update #1.

"Water Lily" by Tatiana Myers. Oil Pastel.
16 x 20" Masonite.

Next update on my water lily. I'm mostly working on the central part of the flower right now and some petals around. It looks OK, but I do have some problems with greens. I wish it would dry for me better. I think if I would go with Ampersand Pastel board, it would take excess of oils in and make my work easier... but I didn't. Will have to deal with what I have.
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  1. Hi Tatiana, It's always nice to see what new project you are working on. It's very inspiring. The water lily is looking good!

  2. Thank You, Adriana!

    Don't you just want to try OPs some day too?... Great for all that flowers!.. :-)
    Just kidding! But I personally like them both - oils and softies.

  3. Gorgeous, Tatiana! Such beautiful work you do, always!



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