Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Cove Creek" in Oil. WIP, update #1.

I tried to continue with painting what I started yesterday. It didn't get me very far. I'm working with Holbein Duo on guessed panel. Paint is still totally wet. Gesso is slippery just like that ice on our back yard, nothing works right. I will need to let it dry some more time, I don't think it will work any other way this time. I don't have a medium to speed up a drying time, so have to deal with what I have. Mean while I may get out those pretty samples of Italian panels I got not long time ago and try to work with one of those and see, if I like it.


  1. I have to ask why your gesso is still wet? I use acrylic gesso. You must be using oil gesso? This is going to be another great painting from what I can see already.

  2. No. Gesso IS dry. Paint, however is not so much. I like when first layer of paint (whatever paint it is, oil, gouache, pastel) is sort of creating bond with support and can not be moved from it, when you putting next layer. It gives more control over painting process. Usually Aqua Duo (the paint I use) has a somewhat short drying time and I'm working wet on sort of semi-dry. Here I'm working wet on wet, paints are intermixing in between layers more then I need it and could be even moved down to gesso layer. I don't like it. I do like, however the effect of light and reflection of light what this panels are giving to me. So just will have to figure out the way to work on it on a way I like it. Probably I'll have to get a medium, what speeds up a drying process of Aqua Duo and add it to the first layer of paint, when I do it next time.

    Mean while this painting has to sit and dry and I'm trying different panel.. Italian one with a canvas overlay... Mmmmmm!... Love it! Works perfect for me, good absorption of paint, lots of control, nothing is sliding around. But it has less light reflection, so... always something what you have to give up.

  3. I can relate Tatiana. I have a bunch of artboards and gesso boards I've got to use up, but after they are gone, I think I'm going to stick to painting on clayboard. It's so much more absorbent so the paint dries faster, and I love that you can get your fine white highlights by lifting the paint back off with a razor in those areas. Having said that, I think this painting will be worth the wait. You are off to a great start!

  4. I thought I'd commented Tatiana, but maybe not. I think this is looking so beautiful. The shine makes it look like real water! I love the deep and mysterious forest beyond the creek and so look forward to seeing this piece completed. The one thing I know is that it will be beautiful!

  5. Thank You, Deb!

    Clayboard... didn't think about it. So far I didn't find much use to it - tried it with my oil pastels, too smooth, I like when surface grabs pastels better... so I had to cover my clay board with sanded ground... Doesn't make much sense, can use hard board for it. Much cheaper - results are about the same. But for oils it may just work out. Need to try, I think I still have some sitting around.

    Thank You, Autumn!

    It has to be beautiful, so is reference photo. Unfortunately most of my references burned down together with my computer. So I have to use the same photo, instead of dozens of others what I had (many were from the same place). I hope I still be able to retrieve lost data, but if not, or well. Summer is coming, will be more pictures.



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