Sunday, February 14, 2010

Water Lily #1 By Tatiana Myers. WIP.

"Water Lily" by Tatiana Myers. Oil Pastel.
16 x 20"Guessoed Masonite.
This painting will be one more work in my new floral; series of Oil pastel paintings. I'm trying new materials and techniques, learning something new every day...My next work, how you can see is a water lilies. It is biggest Oil pastel I have ever done, I'm very curious how this will work out. This time I'm working on gessoed masonite. I'm not very impressed with this support, and naturally had to put another layer of sanded ground on it, before starting this painting. Probably next time I'll go back to Ampersand hardboard or pastel board. Yes, it is more expensive, but quality is way superior to regular masonit. I tried some acrylic underpainting on this painting (also - first time). I did not like it. Too rough for my technique, but I will leave it this time how it is... probably next time will go back to gouache and gouache only. Works much better for me.

So here it is, little bit of gouache, some acrylics and Holbein Oil Pastels.

If you are interested to learn more about Oil pastel, visit Oil Pastel Society web site:

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  1. You sure are a busy bee. Another great painting started. I can't wait to see this one finished.

  2. Tatiana, this looks like it will be truly glorious when you finish with it. I am enjoying seeing the contrast between what is sketched versus what is colored.

  3. Thank You, Pat!
    You have some pretty good idea about how busy we are...but I still try to paint.

    Autumn, I hope it will be beautiful. I need to have some nice paintings done by summer, since I have a two shows coming up and need to have that "body of work". :-)Flowers are something I can do easy, so it will be some flowers... and the rest - something else.



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