Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Koi Pond" Oil Pastel WIP by Tatiana Myers. Next to finished.

"Koi Pond" by Tatiana Myers. Oil Pastel WIP.

I'm geting so close with this Koi... I feel just some more touch-ups and I'm going to call it finished. Maybe even tonight. Also I'm going to frame it the same way as I did my self-portrait. For once I'll use mat and not a spacers.

I think with more room around this painting is looking better, so it will be mat this time.

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  1. Tatiana, I forgot how beautiful this painting was. Everytime you say, "almost done" I can't believe you have any more to do. It's just beautiful.

  2. Thank You, Pat!

    I'm officially finished it tonight. Will have to take a final photo of it... good one, with normal light etc.

    There is something different about OPs - you almost can layer it endlessly and every time it is only getting better... I could continue longer, but it is time to stop and move to something else.

  3. This is a beautiful painting, Tatiana! You should be most proud of it. Quite exquisite!!



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